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Dropbox Business: So Much More than Just Cloud Storage

Dropbox Business

In today’s IT landscape, everything is about time-to-market and velocity. You need to be able to adapt and move onto the next project quicker than ever, and with the increased desire to work remotely, this can make collaboration a bottleneck for progress.

If I asked you if you’ve heard of Dropbox chances are you have and are probably using it as storage for personal photos, files and documents. It might even surprise you just how many people in your organization are already using Dropbox in a simpler form. However, there is so much more that Dropbox Business can do for you that you might’ve not thought about. Dropbox Business is able to solve many of the security concerns around collaboration. Below are the four benefits that really stand out in my mind.

Data Management

Have you ever deleted a file on a shared drive? Been unhappy with a change one of your teammates made to your collaborative business plan? Dropbox Business has features that allow you recover files easily AND the ability to restore previous versions of files. Add that to the intuitive management of team folders and it creates a way to simply work collaboratively while maintaining management controls.


If you travel extensively like myself, there comes a time when you might misplace a device (which I haven’t yet) or might have a device stolen (also has not happened, thankfully). Letting the boss know that my work information or company information is out there in the hands of someone else might lead to a Job Creating Event.

Dropbox Business solves the issue by implementing Remote Wipe. Think of it as a killswitch for your data that’s stored in your Dropbox Business account so your confidential information stays out of the wrong hands. They also have a very cool feature called Link Permissions. This feature allows you to password-protect your link and/or set an expiration date in order to also protect your organization.

Plays Well with Others

In today’s mobile workforce, you have a myriad of applications and tools that you are using to get the job done. Dropbox Business has integrations with many of those tools, such as Office 365, VMware AirWatch, Adobe, and Salesforce to name a few. It makes it so much easier not only for yourself but also your IT staff when applications can integrate easily like Dropbox Business can.

Sync and Share

Tired of receiving email after email after email with the same file, only edited slightly? It not only eats up valuable space in your email inbox, it can often be a near impossible word search to see what’s been changed within the file itself. With the innovations in Dropbox Paper, users can collaborate, create and share with ease. This not only helps with the time to market of their current project but gets them working more efficiently towards the next business initiative. Smart Sync is also an easy way to access multiple files, which you have access to, from the convenience of your own device without worrying about the size of files and documents.

With the ever-growing mobile workforce and ability to work from multiple devices it can often cause chaos and confusion trying to find solutions that streamline your business efficiency. Here at MicroAge, we strive to find the right solutions to best fit your business initiatives and growth, and Dropbox Business greatly increases the agility and collaboration of your mobile workforce.

If you’d like to learn more about Dropbox Business or other cloud-based collaboration solutions, reach out to Matt Thornton our Cloud Solutions Specialist and he can walk you through all the offerings.

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  1. webuserfeed on September 24, 2018 at 7:20 am

    Great information, I have been using Dropbox for a long time with a single email so I can find same data from my all devices and also can update from anywhere.

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