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Guide to Conceptualizing a Disaster Recovery Plan – 4

Before you dive on in, make sure to check out parts 1, 2 and 3!

The Internal Conversations you Have to Have

In the last installment, I reviewed the process of determining the right recovery type for your organization. The next critical step in the process is making sure we address one of the most important parts of planning for not only your DR plan but any IT project: internal communication.

In order to have a truly cohesive and comprehensive disaster recovery plan, you need to communicate and have conversations with different individuals throughout your organization. This will help shed some light on what applications or data each department needs access to so they can perform their daily tasks. As much as we would like to be all-knowing, there are often critical requirements within departments that we aren’t always familiar with. By including each departments input you are able to construct a DR plan that has organizational buy in.

As a good starting point, here are a few departments to get started with:

  • Operations
  • Accounting
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • IT (that’s right my friends, don’t forget yourselves!)

You can think of this approach as being similar to how you go about making larger purchases. Now I’m personally terrible at reading through reviews before I move forward with a decision (something I should get better at), but how many of you ask family, friends, and colleagues for advice before purchasing the newest device on the market? Whether positive or negative, that feedback can have an impact on you and whether or not you move forward with purchasing that device, additional add-ons, or a different product altogether. Now it’s important to note that I’m not saying you should take everyone’s opinion into complete consideration when it comes to the final decision, but when it’s as something as important as your organizations ability to correctly recover from a disaster, why not collaborate and get a lot of feedback to make a well-informed plan?

Building a disaster recovery plan and strategy is more than likely a new process for your organization. To fully understand what’s important to your day to day business in terms of applications, data, and accessibility, leverage those who are accessing them daily. Reach out and have a conversation with various contacts within your company. This will not only help you craft a comprehensive DR plan but will also assist in adoption by the users supported company wide. If you’re in need of some tips as to how to start the conversation, feel free to reach out to me or anyone here at MicroAge and we can help you in your journey.

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