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Your Ransomware Survival Guide Has Arrived

Ransomware Survival Guide
And it's here just in time. Ransomware attacks are on fire—we have some shocking stats to prove it. Organizations of every size are under attack, including local governments. According to the Baltimore Sun, the Baltimore City government lost over $18 million and had challenges for over a month in getting back to “business as usual”.…Read More

Everything You Need to Know About SMiShing

What is SMiShing? It may sound funny, but the latest cyber-scamming strategy can quickly wreak serious havoc on your organization. In fact, some of the largest global enterprises are already losing millions to these scams each year. What is SMiShing? According to the Federal Communications Commission, SMiShing is a mix of SMS—short message service—and phishing.…Read More

3 Important Differences Between Archiving and Backup and Why It Matters for Office 365

Backup or archive, what’s the difference and why is it so important for Office 365 environments? These questions keeps coming up because these terms are used so interchangeably. Knowing and understanding the difference is mission critical when it comes to aligning your data storage methodology and goals. So, let’s get started, first here are definitions…Read More

3 Reasons Healthcare IT Security is More Important than Ever

Healthcare data security
Healthcare providers and organizations are becoming a major target for cybercriminals who tap into poor security controls and vulnerable clinical networks to gain access to medical databases and devices. Within the first two months of last year, more than 20 healthcare providers had already had databases breached, exposing patient data for over a thousand patients…Read More

Help Desk or Service Desk, what’s the difference?

Help desk or service desk
We’re glad you asked! Because while help desk and service desk may seem interchangeable in ITSM (IT Service Management) terms, they aren’t. With a broad range of opinions across the industry and different implementation approaches, it can be challenging to navigate. Murky nature of these ITSM terms aside, they can have a much deeper impact…Read More

How Mobility is Building Collaboration in the Construction Industry

According to recent research highlighted by CNBC, 70% of professionals work remotely at least once a week. Technology is changing the way the workforce comes together around business initiatives. What else is changing? The way business leaders across every enterprise think about collaboration and the importance of staying connected. The construction industry has been dramatically…Read More

AI is Preventing Serious Health Issues: 5 Steps to Getting Started

Remaining competitive in healthcare is a constant challenge. If you’re a CTO or IT Manager at a healthcare organization then you already understand the speed of progress for technology in the industry. Providing quality patient care and balancing resources for lower treatment cost and facility overhead is changing. Every patient touch—from appointment scheduling to follow-up…Read More

These 3 Tactics Can Arm Your Employees Against Spear Phishing

According to the FBI’s 2017 Internet Crime Report, business email compromises caused more than $5 billion in losses since 2013, and reached $675 million in 2017. Many of these attacks are known as spear phishing—electronic communications scams targeting a specific individual, organization or business in hopes of gaining access to their connections or credentials. 80…Read More

7 Upcoming IoT Trends Every CIO Should Know About Now

IoT and data
Once a buzzword, the "internet of things" (IoT) industry is now booming and delivering real benefits and opportunities for organizations dedicated to improving efficiency, product and service delivery, and customer satisfaction. With studies predicting the continued growth of the industry and massive adoption and integration levels in the future, the CIOs and CTOs who are…Read More

3 Best Practices for Your Move to the Private Cloud

Moving to the private Cloud - exit strategy
Remember when putting data in the cloud seemed dangerous? Everything has changed. Now public and private cloud providers are comfortably claiming that the cloud is more secure than traditional on-premise infrastructure. Why? Because of the prioritization of security in cloud designs compared to that of cost and functionality in traditional enterprise computing. With more organizations…Read More