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Power Failure Solved by UPS Rental

What happens when the data center for a health care provider with offices in more than a dozen states loses power? It’s one of those recurring nightmares many IT managers have and they usually end with the dreamer waking to the sound of his own screams. This was the case when I received a call…Read More

IT Procurement Management Eliminates Loss Due to Theft and Vandalism

One of the most vulnerable times for a company to suffer loss to theft or vandalism is during the construction of a new facility. Our soon-to-be client, the IT manager for a large, multi-state entertainment organization, knew that all too well, as I found out when I happened to place one of my routine calls…Read More

Software License Consolidation and Management for BSA Compliance

Managing software licenses and staying in compliance with the 'software police' can be a challenge for IT managers and network administrators everywhere. The tracking of users to licenses can quickly get out of hand and pull the responsible party into a virtual vortex of logins, passwords, licenses, headcounts and the numerous spreadsheets to try and…Read More

How to Set Up a World-Class Wireless Mesh Network No Matter Where You Are

What can any company with remote data access needs learn from a gold mine in the far north in Alaska? Apparently quite a bit. In this case study, MicroAge found an out-of-the-box solution for an in-the-middle-of-nowhere company that wanted to make sure its workforce of miners could stay connected with each other and their families.…Read More

Critical Load Balancing Management Solution for E-Commerce Website

A young entrepreneur who had begun his business in his mid-teens contacted me with an urgent need: Help him find a load balancing management system that would keep his e-commerce hosting business from crashing on high-traffic days. The e-commerce hosting business, which started a decade earlier in the founder’s garage, hosts hundreds of e-commerce sites.…Read More

WAN Bandwidth Optimization for Nationwide Construction Company

Any company with offices and operations nationwide has a critical need for reliable file accessibility. Users in remote locations must to be able to quickly access the files they need—even when those files are housed on a server thousands of miles away. Bandwidth can become a debilitating issue when the company is a large commercial…Read More