MicroAge Managed Cloud Services

Ignite performance

on the cloud

Limit Disruption

Quickly mitigate red flags and risks upfront and ensure availability of cloud-based workloads while protecting data from security threats, accidental deletion, and policy gaps with backup for Microsoft 365 and Azure.

Eliminate Downtime

Pinpoint and mitiage potential dangers before they can create problems while relying on up to two-years in data retention—available in seconds with MicroAge Monitoring Services.

Spark Value

Maximize your investment, preventing unnecessary overspending by eliminating multiple providers and optimizing every layer of your cloud environment for greater value and performance.

Save IT Resources

Unburden your IT team from maintaining complicated cloud platforms and let them focus on technology as it relates to your business.

Secure the Cloud

Arm your organization against the growing threat of ransomware to prevent legal threats, costly downtime, and passing on costs to your customers.

Harness Powerful Insights

Navigate changes and best practices with our team of experts guiding your backup, security, M365, and monitoring strategies and providing nonstop support.

MicroAge Managed Cloud Services cover:

  • BackUp
  • Monitoring
  • Security

Elevate your cloud

Drive agility and unburden critical IT resources—freeing your team up from complicated, time-intensive cloud platforms and resources—while enjoying outside expertise and comprehensive support.

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