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A new breed of proactive IT service designed for the realities of the modern economy

ManageWise provides proactive support for routine maintenance to help prevent unplanned downtime, optimize system performance, support business needs and free up time to work on key business objectives.

Manage Storage
Increase Uptime
Advance Compute
Fortify Backup

Create Documentation

Secure Networking
Strengthen Security
Optimize Virtualization


is part of a new breed of IT service, born out of the same economic necessity and technological capacity as on-demand consumer services.


It helps relieve tension between IT and the business by striking a healthy balance of stability and agility, providing the resources to keep existing infrastructure strong while enabling business growth.

How ManageWise can work for you.

Benefit from advanced technology

We maintain and optimize your environment proactively to minimize potential risk.

Gain expertise and qualified support

We augment and support your staff across a range of emerging technologies to allow you to focus on business objectives.

Increase efficiency and competitiveness

We provide you access to our experts who understand your environment, will provide recommendations, and help streamline your operations to become more competitive.

Control IT costs

We reduce your fixed IT costs so you can maintain control of your budget based on the unique needs of your business.

Stay focused on core business

We engage and meet your customized business needs so you can stay focused on delivering innovation.

Sizing up the options



Initial environment assessment

12 pre-scheduled monthly visits

48 ad-hoc hours

Project management

Monthly reporting

$43,684 annually*

*For illustration purposes only. Pricing depends on hours, services, and other factors. Contact us for a customized proposal.

Business as Usual

$3.86 million

Average cost of a data breach

$8,850 per minute

Average cost of unplanned downtime

Full-Time Employee


Annual salary, plus benefits

Managed Service Provider


Annual contract


Access to on-demand engineers to take over day-to-day IT ops or help deliver innovation to the business

Status quo

Bring extra hands and skill sets in-house

Outsource one or more discrete IT services


Engineers can be re-tasked with new priorities or new projects with ad-hoc hours

No increase in flexibility

Offers a sense of control and flexibility, bounded by the new hire’s skill set

Lacks flexibility once you’ve signed a contract


Highly qualified engineers

No increase in talent

New talent could fill a deficit in IT team

Highly qualified engineers


You’ll have more time for business innovation

No increase in innovation

Depends on new hire’s skill set

Contract can be designed to achieve your objectives

ManageWise case studies

Case Study: Utility Company

ManageWise Case Study for Public Utility thumbnail

Case Study: Public School District

ManageWise Case Study for Public School District thumbnail

Case Study: Medical Center

ManageWise Case Study for Regional Medical Center thumbnail

Ready for proactive
maintenance and support?

Elevate your IT delivery with ManageWise for data center and network, cloud, custom IT, and onsite services.

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