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VMware Master Services Competencies

These Master Service Competencies require advanced technical certifications and high-level service capabilities, as verified by our customers. This means MicroAge is equipped with associates and engineers who can aid in the pre- and post-sales planning and support of your VMware project. Possible competencies include Cloud Management and Automation, Data Center Virtualization, Desktop and Mobility, and Network Virtualization.

Microage Services

Data Center Virtualization Certification

MicroAge is one of just a few partners in the world that have been awarded a VMware Data Center Virtualization certification (and the only partner in the state of Arizona). Achieving this rigorous competency validates deep understanding and execution of Data Center Virtualization design principles and methodologies.

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“This achievement shows customers that partners like MicroAge are dedicated, invested and have validated expertise in advanced VMware technologies.”

—Shawn Toldo, Vice President, Worldwide Solution Partners, VMware

Who Benefits From Data Center Virtualization Certification?

A VMware certified partner like MicroAge has the expertise needed when deploying or calibrating virtualized environments. Several companies benefit from this level of expert service, including those who:

  • Don’t have the expertise
  • Have the know-how but not the time
  • Have environments that are still physical or only partially virtualized
  • Acquire other companies with different architecture and would like to merge and easily manage
  • Want to convert from another virtualization technology (such as Hyper-V)
  • Want to create more environments (like a new, higher tier cluster, a second active or passive node in a separate geolocation, or a RoBo)
  • Want to create a DR location

In 2019, MicroAge Achieved a VMware Master Services Competency in Data Center Virtualization.

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