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Affordable Custom DR Solution for a Small Business

For an 85-user metal products manufacturer, when an old server went down, it became clear they needed a disaster recovery plan and a storage system. The company’s network administrator called MicroAge’s Kevin Kotecki.

“They were using antiquated white box servers that they had built about 15 years ago, and nothing was backing up,” he explains. “They wanted to upgrade the servers and develop a disaster recovery plan. But they’re also cost conscious.”

Kevin performed a cost-benefit analysis of the major storage companies’ offerings and built a custom solution for his client.

Supermicro SuperServer

The Supermicro SuperServer 7046T-NTR+ features dual Intel XeonE5630 processors and 24 gigs of RAM

The client went with three Supermicro 4U SuperServers (down from the 20 white boxes). Kevin’s cost-savings solution included a Supermicro rack-mountable chassis with a custom hardware configuration to match VMware specs. For its storage SAN, the company chose Scale Computing’s S2 Starter Cluster with three 2TB usable capacity Storage Nodes, for a total of 6TB usable capacity.

“We recommended Scale because they have enterprise features for a price that small and midsize businesses can afford,” Kevin says. “Plus, Scale has excellent customer service.”

“Scale provided the best value in terms of scalability, fault tolerance and enterprise features for the customer — all at a price point less than similar solutions,” adds Matt McPhail, global director of systems engineering for Scale. “Based on our patented ICOS [Intelligent Clustered Operating System] technology, Scale’s solutions have been an ideal fit for this small business, as well as more than 800 other customer installations around the world.”

The client also upgraded its VMWare Essentials to Essentials Plus for the vSphere High Availability and Disaster recovery Features.

“This client wanted an enterprise solution for a small business, and they wanted to know that this solution would be long-term and scalable for future expansion, Kevin notes. “We provided a custom infrastructure refresh on a tight budget; we replaced antiquated hardware; we provided a solution for backing up their data, and we upgraded their VMware. This solution gave them all the features they were looking for and saved them 30 percent off the competition.”

Want to learn how you can save money? Contact solutions expert Kevin Kotecki today at or 480-366-2058.

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