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Affordable Data Storage Solution Averts Information Overload

Delivering diverse integrated marketing services for worldwide brands, this MicroAge client company has experienced tremendous growth in all areas of its business, which spans social media, search engine marketing, three-dimensional design, and Web application development. Even though it uses high-end equipment, the company’s data volume is so extensive that recently, it began to run out of backup space. The numbers tell the story: the client’s backup storage requirement grew by 100 percent in one year! While explosive growth is a good problem to have, data storage capacity issues had to be addressed before a real crisis occurred.

Tandberg Data StorageLibrary T120

Data Storage Solution: the Tandberg Data StorageLibrary T120

That’s where MicroAge’s Nick Jackson came in. The client needed an effective solution to bridge the gap between the limits of its existing tape library and the prospect of a complete—and costly—reconfiguration of the entire system. Upon conferring with the client’s senior network administrator, Nick recommended the installation of the Tandberg Data StorageLibrary T120. Compatible with both the company’s diverse operating systems (it uses both MAC and PC) and software, the StorageLibrary T120’s speed, capacity and partitioning capability presented a flexible, reliable and robust alternative to the client’s existing technology. “The client was running out of space; it was a smart decision to proactively expand backup capability with the T120. It addressed all their needs without requiring a huge investment,” Nick says.

Tandberg Data’s pre-installation site survey resulted in a timely installation and integration process tailored to the company’s unique infrastructure; as planned, the T120 was up and running within project timeline parameters. As Edward Pearson, Director of Tandberg Data’s Professional Installation Program says, “Working collaboratively with Nick Jackson, we seamlessly executed a successful and non-disruptive data center integration for this client… the ongoing partnership with MicroAge provides excellent added value in all our shared engagements.”

Since installation, the client has been very pleased with the Tandberg Data StorageLibrary T120 solution. In essence, it fully ensures that all data is protected, freeing up the IT staff to work on other technology projects that more directly advance the client’s business mission. As the company continues to achieve remarkable growth rates, its data will remain securely stored and seamlessly adaptable to a constantly evolving and expanding environment.

In the middle of a data explosion of your own and don’t know where to turn? Nick is here to help! Contact him at 480-366-2153, or He can help you navigate this or any other technology dilemma that may be keeping you awake at night!

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