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Affordable Disaster Recovery Site with HP

A loss of important data is devastating. For a chain of West Coast bakeries and restaurants, an outdated disaster recovery method was a recipe for … well, disaster.

“They were using a tape backup solution, so they did have something in place, but it was outdated,” says MicroAge’s JP Patchett. “They wanted a true disaster recovery system.”

The company’s IT director shared with JP the space he had to work with as well as his budget, and indicated that he was interested in a cloud-based backup. JP worked with David Determan, a solutions architect with MicroAge, to determine the most cost efficient DR system for the client.

“After getting to know more about his data needs, we recognized that he had quite a bit of data,” David says. “If you have that much data, a cloud-based disaster recovery method isn’t going to be the most cost effective. While there would be some savings initially, the ongoing cost would be much higher. So, setting up a DR site was clearly going to be more cost effective for him in the long run.”

Utilizing an equipment lease with HP Financial to manage the client’s budget, JP secured two HP P2000 G3 MSA SAN arrays and two HP ProLiant DL360 servers.

Both configured-to-order SANs were delivered to the client’s data center for an initial data transfer. This allowed for a quick replication—copying across the WAN would have been time-consuming and disruptive to the client’s users. Once the two SANs were synced, the second SAN was transferred to an off-site location where it will regularly update with just the changes to the data—a much more efficient and faster way to back up data.

Now, the client can rest easy knowing their data is secure.

“Their backups are more reliable with this HP solution, and they have the ability to back up more frequently,” JP says. “For the IT director and his team, this is much more efficient in terms of their time. Plus, nothing beats the peace of mind they have.”

And that’s a recipe for business success.

If you’re looking for a better disaster recovery protocol for your business or any IT solution, JP Patchett can help. Contact him at 480-366-2134 or

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