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All-in-One PC for Harsh Environments Keeps Tire Manufacturer Rolling

In an ideal world, you’d keep all of your technology in a cool, dry room away from any dust or dirt. But when you’re the IT network manager for a large tire manufacturer, you don’t have that luxury – you need a tough PC for harsh environments.

In its various production facilities, the client had all-in-one touch screens that weren’t standing up to the harsh, non-climate-controlled environment. The computers, used to control the machines on the production floor, were experiencing significant heat failures. And the company could no longer tolerate the extended downtime required for repairs.

The IT network manager called MicroAge’s Jim Bowers to find a PC product that wouldn’t suffer from heat damage in this harsh environment.

“They wanted a similar all-in-one solution that could stand up to the heat and the dirt of their production facilities,” he explains.

Jim considered the temperatures that the electronics would need to withstand and recommended a joint solution — combining Elo 17-inch commercial-grade touch screens with a Lenovo ThinkCentre M73 Tiny desktop.

“The Elo touch screens are very durable and environmentally sound,” he says. “And the client was already fond of Lenovo. These Tiny desktops have a good reputation for being rugged and durable even though they aren’t classified as ruggedized.”

Plus, adds Lenovo Channel Executive Ty Hibbert, the Tiny desktops’ compact design makes them ideal for environments where heat and space are considerations, and their unique fan design keeps them cool as well. The machines also boast mounting flexibility and low power consumption. He also notes that “Lenovo has the lowest failure rates among its competition within the desktop platform.”

After a demo model passed muster, the initial deployment of 80 machines to various production facilities went well — so well, in fact, that the client ordered 300 more for other locations, including additional production facilities and retail outlets.

“I like working with MicroAge and Jim Bowers because they are always trying to improve the client experience by solving problems vs. just selling a products,” Ty adds. “Being able to understand customers’ problems gives Jim and MicroAge the ability to implement custom solutions to create an overall better experience”

And even better? The Lenovo-Elo solution was about 25 percent less expensive than the client’s previous all-in-one product.

Whether you’re outfitting a cool, clean server room or a non-climate-controlled manufacturing facility, Jim Bowers can help. You can reach him at 480-366-2162 or

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