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An IT Solutions Partner that Lets Clients Breathe Easy—Literally

A leader in online post-secondary education services, this company’s IT solutions partner has been MicroAge’s Barrett Lamothe since its infancy; once a small organization, the company now boasts more than 3,000 employees and has received national recognition for its growth and diversified services. For both Barrett and the client’s network administrator, their relationship was based on genuine respect and honest rapport. This was proved in 2007, when severe drought conditions triggered a series of intense wildfires across Southern California. The fires’ smoke plumes were actually visible from space. By the time they were contained, the fires had consumed 1,500 homes, 500,000 acres, and destroyed or damaged many businesses.

respiratory mask

Barrett quickly ordered 2000+ respiratory masks for this client caught in severe smoke from nearby wildfires

For the client, the fires came within a block of its facilities, blocked only by the surrounding parking lot. While the fires did not reach the buildings, the smoke blanketing the area was so heavy that employees were experiencing respiratory problems. As Barrett conferred with his client, who also had been evacuated from his home, he was concerned about the raspy hoarseness of his voice.

Barrett knew he wanted to do something to help the employees of this company and immediately began to research respirators and re-breathers that filter smoke and pollutants. He quickly ordered 2,000-plus respiratory masks and shipped them to the client.

The client was astounded to find his desk surrounded by stacks of mysterious boxes from MicroAge and even more surprised to learn that Barrett had taken the initiative to help him and his fellow employees. He was immensely appreciative, as were the numerous employees in the 10-story building, who received masks not only for themselves, but also to take home to their families. As Barrett recalls, “HR handed those masks out to everyone, including executive management. So many people were affected by the serious air quality problem…it was one small thing we could do.”

Barrett’s responsiveness to the situation demonstrates the depth and strength of MicroAge client relationships. Every MicroAge client is far more than a purchase order; each Solution Expert takes the time to get to know their clients, ultimately functioning as a resourceful extension of the client’s team. In this case, Barrett’s ingenuity delivered more than practical help; it was a great morale booster that helped everyone ‘take a deep breath’ as they responded to the crisis.

Let Barrett’s IT expertise and responsiveness help you breathe easier. Contact him directly at 480-366-2032 or

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