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Automatic Wireless Failover Solution Keeps Retailer Selling

When good wired connections go bad, CradlePoint 3G/4G failover saves the day.

Like many in the industry, this apparel manufacturer, distributor and retailer employs thousands of people and operates hundreds of stores worldwide, as well as the largest sewing facility in North America. Clearly, uninterrupted communication is integral to effective operations, and as the CIO recently discovered, having an automatic wireless failover solution to keep transactional information flowing through the stores’ point-of-sale (POS) systems is even more important.

Transmitting transactional information depends on Internet connectivity; any downtime in retail settings equals lost revenue. As increasing numbers of store systems crashed, it was clear to the company’s CIO and the director of store IT infrastructure that a new automatic wireless failover solution was needed.

MicroAge’s Joseph Baca recommended CradlePoint MBR1200B and MBR1400LE-VZ Series routers as an optimal wireless Internet back-up solution.

“CradlePoint’s automatic wireless failover wide area network (WAN) software and its enterprise cloud manager solution are the best in the business; the IT department can manage global routers from one central U.S. location…instead of an IT guy going to all these locations to roll out updates and firmware, it can all be done centrally,” says Joseph.

In addition, the solution offers virtual private network (VPN) capability: the client can create private VPNs between headquarters and worldwide locations.

The routers keep stores online via wireless 3G/4G broadband backup, detecting the lack of data and failing over immediately. Partnering with Verizon to provide automatic wireless failover capability, the routers and modems ensure uninterrupted service across multiple sites.

To prove the solution’s outstanding quality and capability, Joseph sent a demo unit to the client to use with its POS; 30 days later the first order came in for 100-plus units, which has since climbed to 400. The simplicity of set up is a huge value-add for the company’s 10-person IT department—the device is plugged in at the retail site and turned on at the home office.

Like classic, well-made apparel, it’s that simple and that good.

Let Joseph help your POS system dress for success. Call 480-366-2099 or email and find out how he can tailor a solution that perfectly fits your needs.


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