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Avionics Enterprise Taps MicroAge to Vet and Source Technology Solutions

MicroAge’s reach extends into diverse industry sectors and addresses specific future technology objectives. This is well demonstrated by MicroAge’s Chris Reinhard and his strategic sourcing initiatives for a well-known avionics company.  Engineering the next generation of aviation technology, the client’s requirements revolve around developing new solutions as current technology become obsolete. Uniquely, the client also mandates that such new solutions have a shelf life of at least 15 years—to encompass all concept design, prototype development, stress testing, regulatory approval and actual use.

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The sky’s the limit when it comes to sourcing the right technology for a well-known avionics company

It is Chris’ charter to source specialty manufacturers and negotiate with them to develop technology products for aircraft that will not only be here today and tomorrow, but also adhere to FAA regulations and meet stringent safety and testing standards.

On behalf of client personnel, Chris says, “The MicroAge advantage is our ability to negotiate with all vendors that want to win this project. However, they may not all fit the criteria, so we act as pre-screeners for the client. At the same time we leverage our overall buying power to ensure cost savings. Engineers care about design flexibility, procurement people care about cost—we address both sides of the equation.”

For Chris, his role in such a strategic sourcing environment requires knowledge of specific aviation processes, engineering standards, new technology developments, cost-containment criteria and confidentiality restrictions. Fortunately for the client, Chris’ knowledge base extends into all these areas, combining numerous disciplines as a value-added resource. Given the rigorous criteria and extended lead times, Chris scrutinizes potential vendors for their financial stability, customer base, industry history and actual experience at this technology level. He says, “In essence, if the particular vendor has flown anything in space, it is probably a good fit!”

Once a vendor makes the cut, Chris then negotiates terms and conditions. The client will not engage in a long-term contract; however, vendors are required to commit to an extended agreement as the research and development phase gets under way. Plus, they must demonstrate measurable cost savings that meet the client’s terms. Pulling these disparate threads together, MicroAge ultimately presents the client with a set of strategic solution options from which it can choose with confidence. When the sky’s the limit, MicroAge provides unlimited strength across the strategic sourcing spectrum.

Why not let Chris’ technology and sourcing expertise help you track down the right solution? Contact him at 480-366-2091 or

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