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Avocent DCIM Gives Global Bank Remote Control in Single Pane of Glass

An American banking institution that is also one of the world’s premier financial services companies, the company operates a global technology network of vast scale, reach and management. Keeping these operations at optimal efficiency is critical to maintaining the leanest profile possible. In the United States alone, the company maintains numerous and immense data centers housing hundreds of machines. Clearly the company’s data center infrastructure management (DCIM) is complex. Monitoring, managing and ensuring the security of every machine is a daunting task; trying to do it without adding personnel and overhead makes it doubly so. The company’s network administrator asked MicroAge’s Chris Reinhard if he could find a solution.

Chris met the challenge: he proposed a DCIM solution that remotely consolidates access, control and trouble shooting for any network device. Recognizing the sheer volume of equipment and numerous locations, he proposed Emerson Network Power’s Avocent® Universal Management Gateway appliance to streamline infrastructure management. The DCIM appliance controls multiple platforms through one SMTP interface—controlling up to 50 devices per appliance.

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The Avocent Universal Management Gateway DCIM appliance gives the bank’s network admin simplified remote management.

Considering the highly mixed environment spanning this enterprise, placing an Avocent device at each location facilitates remote administration of any one of the company’s machines.  If any device—server, switch or UPS—needs diagnostics, needs to be powered down or any other administration, the Avocent appliance enables the client to do so without overall interruption across the country or globe. As a remote IP KVM (keyboard, video mouse) switch solution, the appliance provides enhanced, out-of-band access to deliver a unified approach. “For a large enterprise with a small IT staff, being able to physically control individual boxes no matter where they are in the world is critical to daily operations. The Avocent solution provides that critical access,” says Chris.

Ultimately, across its data centers, the company now has 300 machines under remote DCIM system control, all accessed and managed by a single device positioned at each of the six locations. The question of remote access and control was not only asked, but effectively answered by MicroAge.

Chris is ready to help you with your IT challenges, too. Reach him at 480-366-2091 or

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