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Bakery Needs MicroAge to Create the Perfect Infrastructure Recipe

Servers, Networking and Security

A tried-and-true recipe makes a perfect loaf of bread. For this bakery chain with approximately 30 locations in the western U.S., baking traditions are supported by IT infrastructure innovation and MicroAge’s JP Patchett. Initially contacted by the client’s IT director when he joined the company, JP’s first engagement was to document and license existing software that had accumulated on the client’s system—11 different products in all. After researching and contacting various manufacturers, JP presented the client with a compliance status list and went to work to ensure proper licensing and maintenance terms were in place.

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JP proposed HP servers and switches

Once all licensing issues were resolved, the client needed to overhaul its servers and network to meet growing demand at its locations. Again, the client turned to JP for recommendations and implementation of upgraded versions. Replacing a total of 24 servers and switches in the stores, JP proposed HP products throughout. He specified HP DL360s and an E5406 switch for the core network in the client data center, along with HP ML350s and E2510 switches at various locations.

The client also uses Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold network management software, which monitors each location and sends information packets over the WAN. To get the software to work correctly with the HP server, the client needed to know a specific technical detail—the OID of the server array health. He repeatedly engaged both the software and equipment manufacturers to ascertain the information without result. Again, because of the consultative relationship with MicroAge, the client turned to JP to assist. Within an hour, JP found and shared the correct OID information, which immediately worked. As JP comments, “After engaging various help desks and technical support, the client came to me and got what he needed right away… this is what differentiates MicroAge and its client commitment. We take the time to listen to and answer virtually every need.”

Finally, JP upgraded the client’s SonicWall network and data security products and ensured maintenance was current. JP enabled the infrastructure to reach business-level performance with the correct documentation, licensing, and systems in place for long-term growth. Going forward, plans include installing a SAN array and potential virtualization options, again based largely on JP’s collaboration and recommendation. For this client, MicroAge may well be “the best thing since sliced bread!”

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