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Cisco Meraki Wireless Networking Solution Saves IT Staff Time

When you think of all that goes into moving from one facility to another, it can make your head spin. But a move is also a great time and the perfect opportunity to take a closer look at your technology and make improvements. And for the IT director of a medium-sized digital radiology and storage company, upgrading to a Cisco Meraki wireless networking solution, including switches and firewalls, was a great move.

A long-time MicroAge client, the IT director called solutions expert Mike LaPorta for advice once he knew the move was imminent.

Because the organization was a Cisco shop, Mike looked into the new solutions Cisco had to offer.

“As we worked with our Cisco partner, we agreed on a Meraki (a Cisco subsidiary) solution that would fit the client’s needs,” Mike explains.

After testing the solution on the provided demo units, the IT director agreed Meraki was the way to go for his wireless networking and WAN optimization needs.

“They were so impressed (with the trial) they went with the full stack of Meraki solutions—wireless, security and switching,” notes Robin Belz, Networking Channel Account Executive at Cisco Systems.

The complete cloud-managed solution included two Meraki MR18 MIMO (Multiple Input/Multiple Output) wireless LAN access points, two MX100 security appliances, two MS320 layer 3 access switches and three Z1 Teleworker Gateways—Cisco Meraki’s enterprise class firewall/VPN gateway.

“We are able to manage our network more efficiently and make changes without the fear of system downtime or errors,” the IT director said. “With the proactive monitoring built into the system, I am notified as soon as there is a network issue.”

The company has multiple offices as well as a number of teleworkers, which can make networking and security monitoring a challenge. The Cisco Meraki wireless networking solution, however, lets the IT team easily manage the disparate networks from anywhere. And troubleshooting, the client says, is a breeze.

“The old days of supporting our teleworkers’ personal home routers are gone,” he adds. “Let me say, what a relief!”

Implementation has been smooth, and the integration with existing Cisco systems has given the client options for future equipment upgrades when they’re needed.

“I am completely satisfied with the Cisco Meraki wireless networking implementation,” the client says. “Support has been great, and I have been able to reduce the amount of time I spend configuring and managing the network. And that allows me to spend more time working on promoting our business and growing our IT department.”

Is it time to rethink your networking needs? Contact MicroAge solutions expert Mike LaPorta at or 480-366-2177.

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  1. Braden Martin on June 18, 2019 at 5:59 am

    Wireless networking solutions and communication solutions are the major strengths of Meraki. And we have been happy with its services for years. Thanks for sharing this great article.

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