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Cloud-Controlled Wi-Fi and Security is the Perfect Blend for Coffee House Chain

As coffee houses and cafes have proliferated across the country, they also have become far more than quick stops for “a cup of Joe.”  They are destinations in their own right, complete with Wi-Fi access points and various other technological outlets for customers to utilize. For this client, operating approximately 200 such storefronts across the western United States and an online presence, network and data protection are high priorities, both in terms of customer satisfaction and its overall corporate security.


Wi-Fi makes the perfect latte even better

Recently, the client contacted MicroAge’s JP Patchett to explore alternatives for its overall data security and firewall protection; existing technology was not performing as required. Concurrently, the client was undergoing a governmental PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance audit—standard practice for businesses handling large volumes of payment cards and cardholder information—and it needed an upgraded security solution. Since compliance is validated annually, audits help ensure cardholder data protection and fraud reduction. Clearly, the client’s network and data security technology standard needed to meet these objectives without disruption or exposure.

Working closely with the company IT director and network administrator, JP proposed Meraki’s unique cloud-controlled Wi-Fi, routing, and security architecture as a complete, enterprise-class networking solution. Since it provides centralized management and security through an intuitive Web interface, costs and complexity are greatly reduced.

As JP says, “The Meraki solution offered the client 200 access points and cloud-based centralized management in a controller-less environment. This makes management incredibly easy. Plus, we were able to negotiate great pricing and bring it all in on time to meet and support the auditing schedule.”

Kiren Sekar, Meraki Vice President of Marketing, concurs, “The client required a reliable, secure, and easy-to-manage network. We were excited to partner with MicroAge to deliver Meraki’s cloud-managed solution that provides a quality experience to the client, its employees, and customers.”

With the assurance of robust security technology protecting company transactions and customers’ computing at all locations, the client meets both government regulations and customer expectations with a new, cost-effective, seamless solution as a result of its partnership with MicroAge—a perfect blend of expertise and collaboration.

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