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Cloud Wi-Fi Solution Saves Time and Money

Not many organizations are truly global, or for that matter, national. This one is. With offices in 60-plus countries and 28 locations in the United States, it is a major real-estate presence. It conducts countless transactions across its US network every day, relying on its Wi-Fi network. However, as MicroAge’s Chris Pirwitz discovered, “The client had a hodge-podge of access points, shoddy coverage, break/fix issues…in short, no standards.”

Plus, geography was a challenge: the IT Director was in the South managing all 28 offices. He would order access points, configure them and send them on. If there were issues, back they came for reconfiguration and reshipping. Logistics were costly. If a location called in a technician, it got even pricier. A new approach was needed.

Aerohive HiveAP 120

Aerohive Networks HiveAP 120 Access Point

Chris developed a really smart solution: Aerohive Cloud-enabled networking, with HiveAP 120, 130, and 150 access points providing integration, or mesh, and full access. Rob Pollock, Aerohive Channel Director explains, “MicroAge’s ability to identify the problem and propose a solution for this client to leverage technology to improve efficiency and effectiveness was outstanding!  Aerohive was ideal for providing enterprise-class Wi-Fi for this highly distributed organization with limited IT resources and budgets. Aerohive’s cooperative control architecture and Hive Manager software created a scalable, extremely cost-effective solution.”

Cloud-based and Internet-managed, implementation is simple: cables go directly to each end user location, are plugged in, and the IT department configures all in under five minutes. “No more shipping costs, hiring IT people, or dealing with logistics…costs are saved, everything is standardized, and the client sees everything in real time,” Chris affirms.

The client also sent Chris and Aerohive its office location blueprints. Aerohive translated them with a custom Wi-Fi planner tool to generate a network coverage map, clarifying the number of access points and configuring them to ensure uninterrupted coverage even if one fails. This self-healing, mesh technology is a powerful advantage the client fully endorses: “The solution is a dream—for remote locations, I just plug it into my router, in three minutes it is visible from their website, and I have it configured in 10 minutes.”

Secure, scalable, and standardized across the enterprise—it’s a forecast for uninterrupted success.

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