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Collaborative SMART Boards in Classrooms Prepare Kids for Success

Education has come a long way since the days of working on a slate in a one-room schoolhouse, and when a new Arizona K-8 charter school wanted to be sure its classrooms had the technology needed to help students succeed in the 21st Century, it turned to MicroAge for collaborative SMART Boards in their classrooms.

MicroAge’s Dave Haller has extensive experience with interactive technology, and researched several options for a cost-effective solution that would help students learn more effectively.

“In today’s global economy, having the right technology goes a long way in preparing kids to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s job market,” he says. “Replacing traditional chalk boards and overheads with a technology forward-thinking solution helps them learn to work and collaborate in today’s world.”

The 77-inch SBX880 SMART Board, made by SMART Technologies, Dave recommended allows four students to work at the board at once, manipulating data and answering questions collaboratively or independently. Children enjoy using the touch screen, which is like a giant tablet, while teachers appreciate the ease of content sharing. Best of all, Dave’s solution didn’t break the bank—value is an imperative consideration in a time when schools are doing more with less budget.

SMART Boards are available at a very affordable price, and make learning so engaging and fun that it doesn’t feel like work,” Dave says. “Teachers and students are limited only by their imaginations, and are able to stay ahead of the game.

Three months after the school first contacted MicroAge, the collaborative SMART Boards were in the classrooms in time for the beginning of the school year, earning MicroAge an A+ on this project.

Should your classrooms or conference rooms need a 21st Century upgrade, MicroAge can save time and money. Contact Dave Haller at 480-366-2147 or

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