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Configured-to-Order (CTO) Workstations in Record Time

Growth in a company is both exciting and challenging. MicroAge’s Barrett Lamothe knows this—and strives to make the IT details of growth as easy as possible for his clients.

When his client, an aerospace company, started expanding, it wasn’t long before they ran out of workstations for their staff.

“They were constrained on engineering workstations and had their engineers sharing space,” Barrett recalls. “It just wasn’t efficient. And the project manager looked to MicroAge to go out and find an enterprise-class workstation.”

Settling on an HP solution was the easy part: the HP Z800 Workstation was just what they needed. Fulfilling his client’s need for the engineer-level CTO workstations—quickly—would require more creativity and world-class customer service.

“Getting a demo workstation usually takes two to three weeks,” Barrett says. “Our client needed it in two days.”

Barrett determined he didn’t really need a demo machine—and instead got a machine out of normal distribution and had it overnighted to MicroAge.

“Then, we got on a plane and flew out with it,” he explains. “We checked it as baggage, and we drove it up to our client.”

The client then used the demo box to create the image needed on all the workstations. The project manager ordered 125 configured-to-order workstations and 300 22-inch monitors. All were delivered in record time.

“We saved them approximately two to three weeks,” Barrett says. “We were able to deliver 125 systems CTO in 10 days from receiving the purchase order.”

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