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Consolidated Security Platform Firewall Eases Network Threats

Learning is a process that never ends. For this client providing educational support programs and materials to teachers and students across the educational spectrum, it certainly proved true in terms of its IT infrastructure. With hundreds of employees and approximately 300 servers, the client needed to secure its network and operations with a robust series of firewalls. Beyond security, its firewalls also needed to be fast and scalable.

Fortinet FortiGate-620B

The Fortinet FortiGate-620B offers unmatched firewall security

Since the existing firewalls were outdated, client sites were running very slowly and security was unable to keep pace with increasing bandwidth. Initially, the client made a substantial investment in four firewalls from a manufacturer with which it had a relationship and which it purchased via MicroAge. However, it became clear that the new firewalls had not been fully tested. In industry parlance, they were “bugged up” beyond repair. In fact, the client had to shut down a couple of its sites to avoid attacks or threats.

Despite numerous patches and substitutions, the firewalls still failed to do their job, proved unfixable, and were returned by the client’s Senior IT Infrastructure Manager. Joe Baca, MicroAge Solutions Expert, stepped in. First, he helped the client secure a full credit. This was no small feat considering the client had the product for nearly four months; manufacturer standard return policies usually stipulate 30 days. Nonetheless, Joe was able to facilitate a positive outcome. He then turned his attention to sourcing an effective alternative firewall product.

He found it in Fortinet. Fortinet’s firewalls are widely deployed across industries and enjoy an excellent reputation. However, after the first scenario, Joe wanted to ensure there would be no surprises for the client. “This time around, we made sure the client received and tested the product first. We got units in place that matched up with the previous product in terms of capacity. The client was very happy and more importantly, all network operations were properly secured.”

Once the client determined that it wanted to move to Fortinet, both MicroAge and the manufacturer moved fast to accommodate its request. Product was sent overnight and within 24 hours, Fortinet FortiGate-620B appliances were protecting the client’s data. It’s fair to say that for this client, MicroAge’s knowledge—and expertise—is power.

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