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Contact Center Improves Performance and ROI with Customized Solution

MicroAge Answers the Call: Driving Efficiencies in Customer Service

As state governmental agencies serve the public, customer service is a critical issue, particularly in managing wait times and routing calls. Nowhere is this more apparent than in motor vehicle licensing and registration services, where customer volume is consistently high.

For this contact center in the northwest United States, while the existing telephony-based Avaya communications platform certainly delivered information and handled calls, upgrades were imperative to better manage demand. Information needed to be pushed out from its central platform to all system users at the same time. Managers and administrators wanted to ensure that information was shared in real time, not delayed by CMS refresh cycles. In addition, the center needed upgraded LED wall boards to integrate with the unified communications platform for customer-focused use.

The division issued an RFI (Request for Information), followed by a RFP (Request for Proposal) and then an RFQ (Request for Quote) for a solution that would integrate with its Avaya system. MicroAge reached out to vendor partnership with Inova Solutions; its proven Web-based solutions integrate seamlessly with unified communications platforms and ensure real-time data management. Further, MicroAge and Inova provided demonstration to give the client a ‘test drive’ of the solution’s capabilities. Upon being awarded the contract, the solution was implemented on site.

The first phase involved orchestrating the software. Using a Web-based portal, the software piece provides volume management by pushing information to call center agents and sends information to populate the LED wall boards. Servers are virtualized and load balanced, all user activity logged, and integrates with the client’s Win 2008 R2 64 bit system and Microsoft Active Directory environment. “Inova and MicroAge combined forces to optimize call center performance and demonstrate ROI with greater productivity… it’s a proven way to manage call center operations,” comments Michael Zitar, MicroAge IT Specialist.

Data displays on 50 work stations, including both general and agent-specific information, and an additional 10 supervisor/administrator displays allow overview access and reporting functions. Managers can identify and respond to changing conditions, monitor global activity, and balance workloads to ensure service quality.

The six integrated LED wall boards, formatted to display three lines, provide real-time information and alerts to customers. These IP-addressable multicolored displays communicate CMS data and instant awareness of service schedules and waiting times. “It’s always positive to create a joint venture with a partner like MicroAge; we drew on our mutual experience to translate our best practices and respond to the customer with a best-fitting solution,” adds Jay De Natale of Inova Solutions.

For call centers, this solution is an investment delivering ‘top of the line’ performance. However, its proven return on investment, especially in the context of tax dollars, ensures measurably improved productivity and customer service for citizens needing its services. In other words, it’s an engine built to last for the long haul.

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