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Custom Servers with Fusion-io Memory Supercharges Big Data Performance

Worldwide reach. Always on. Huge data volume. When your business is a leading online services company, data management and storage needs are exceptional. With massive data centers storing and sharing staggering amounts of information, cost must be controlled and features must be relevant to business objectives.

In considering its sheer volume of equipment, this client soon realized that there had to be a better way to manage data and costs.

The Case for Custom Servers

With its existing array of servers, the client identified built-in software that not only wasn’t needed, but it was substantially dragging down performance. The company’s system administrator turned to MicroAge’s Tracy Modersohn to explore alternatives.

Tracy’s response? To work with a custom server manufacturer to build a made-to-order system solution backed by excellent service, technical support, warranties and replacement policies. “We built a custom server solution designed expressly for this client’s needs…we provided demo units and made changes to ensure that the final product was the best fit possible with significant savings,” she recalls.

Tracy ensured that no detail was overlooked, ultimately orchestrating a solution that is as durable as it is flexible—changes can be made without skipping a beat for any of the custom configurations ordered. As orders were executed and shipped to various data centers, Tracy went with them, inspecting each custom server as it was unpacked to ensure against damage or defect. And her role as the client’s single point of contact doesn’t end there; she recently managed the sourcing and shipping of numerous Fusion-io memory cards.

Fusion-io Account Executive Seth Beddo says, “MicroAge performed a thorough assessment of the client’s requirements and developed a solid plan to deliver integrated, flash-enabled servers by the rack. The client benefited greatly from our level of collaboration—deploying a scalable server solution with predictable performance at peak workloads.”

Today, the client has captured measurable savings and implemented equipment customized to its environment. The result: consistent performance in managing data pouring in from all over the world.

Global client, local attention—it’s just the way MicroAge does business.

Discover how Tracy’s focused client service can help grow your business. Give her a call at 480-366-2143 or email

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