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Custom Touch Screens for Hospital HVAC Monitoring

Sometimes the exact solution you’re looking for doesn’t exist; sometimes you have to build it.

When an HVAC company’s project manager was looking for a large, high-quality touch screen to integrate with an HVAC system design for a Midwest hospital, he wasn’t sure where to turn. He knew what he was looking for, but it didn’t exist off the shelf—and he didn’t know how to build it himself.

A colleague referred him to MicroAge and Michael Zitar.

Planar 20-inch monitor

Just the right touch: Planar 20″ monitors with 3M MicroTouch ClearTek II technology provided hospital maintenance with an easy monitoring solution

Michael helped secure 20-inch Planar monitors for the client’s 14 computer kiosks, which are strategically located throughout the hospital to help the building’s maintenance staff monitor the system, run diagnostics and more.

The Planar monitors were transformed into touch screens using capacitive MicroTouch™ ClearTek™ II technology from 3M™.

“The 3M™ technology creates a high-tech, high-quality and more affordable touch screen,” Michael notes. “Regardless of what screen you choose, you can custom-fit this overlay.”

The forward-thinking client now has just what they were looking for, and couldn’t be happier with the touch screen’s performance.

“They know that touch screens are the wave of the future,” Michael says. “So their high-tech HVAC system design now has the information technology to match.”

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