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Data Center Gets Powerful Protection with Eaton UPS

When failure is not an option.

With 40 physicians at three locations seeing 600 patients a day, this orthopaedic practice handles an enormous volume of data. Recently the practice built a new data center to manage and secure its extensive infrastructure, which includes 40 highly virtualized servers, two SANs, and wireless networking. The chief technology officer turned to MicroAge’s Daniel Archer for a highly available, redundant power solution. As Daniel says, the bottom line was, “It could not allow a single point of failure.”

Having worked with the client for a number of years, Daniel knew the level of quality desired and suggested a UPS solution to meet their high standards on a long-term basis. He selected two Eaton 9355 UPS Powerware units, running in an A-B configuration, that ensure always-on power supply up to 60 kilo-volt amperes (KVAs).

In addition to their power supply strength, the Eaton 9355 UPS also offers the advantage of a significantly reduced footprint, allowing for more real estate within the data center. For the practice, this offered real value as it freed up rack space that can be dedicated to additional resources as needed.

I find MicroAge’s customer dedication excellent and enjoy interacting with its professional sales force.  In preparing solutions, working with companies that understand the process and follow it through is key,” says Jeffery Yarter, Eaton area sales manager.

By installing an Eaton 9355 at each end of the U-shaped data center, a new electrical busway delivering drop-down power to each power distribution unit (PDU) was created. The configuration allows for remote management, and has the capability to service the UPS without powering down the network and so limiting functionality.

By conducting site visits and scrutinizing the data center, Daniel was able to determine how to best meet usage and space needs. In specifying the two Eaton units that ultimately replaced 24 UPS units, Daniel maximized data center rack space without sacrificing the power supply—the Eaton units’ active/passive failover ensure absolute dependability.

“Everything starts and stops with the power supply…for a practice that sees hundreds of patients a day, performs numerous surgeries and provides extensive physical therapy services, failure is not an option,” he comments. Today, the practice has the type of UPS backbone that meets its criteria and stands tall.

Are you at risk for a data center power failure? Find out how you can protect your business before the unthinkable happens by contacting Daniel at or 480-366-2125, or his colleague, Martha Banister, at or 480-366-2127.

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