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Data Center Refresh and Server Virtualization Provides Big Benefits

Today’s small businesses with moderately sized data centers are under immense pressure. It is essential they keep pace with escalating network demands, support new application architectures and sustain virtualized environments. Moreover, they are expected to operate more efficiently and more cost-effectively than ever before. For these reasons and more, a Southwest-area health care service provider called on MicroAge’s Rich Birberick to help them with a data center refresh and server virtualization.

This company has assisted organizations in reducing their costs of doing business for over 30 years. The 100-employee company conducts background investigations, practitioner credential verifications, electronic health care transactions and risk management solutions. With this extensive line-up of services, a reliable, optimized data center is fundamental to their business.

The company’s newly hired IT manager discovered several outdated servers, lapsed warranties, overextended switches, hubs and routers. And nothing was virtualized. The project was a huge undertaking; he knew he needed a data center refresh but wasn’t sure where to start.

That’s when he reached out to MicroAge, a trusted long-term partner.

“They were one major disaster short of going out of business because they had no disaster recovery plan in place. The network needed a lot of work,” Rich says, who has extensive experience working with clients facing this challenge.

To start the process, Rich suggested running VMware‘s Capacity Planner to analyze the current infrastructure, reduce complexity and optimize productivity—an invaluable tool for any IT manager.

“The program ran for 60 days. Then we analyzed the data center’s performance and determined what could be retired, what could be salvaged or upgraded and what should be added,” stated Rich. “We wanted to be sure it would bring the company up to current compliance and energy-saving standards.”

After the discovery phase, which involved many client conference calls and included several conversations with HP’s engineering and technology departments, Rich prepared a comprehensive proposal that included software disaster recovery programs, energy efficient servers, server storage and networking.

To fit within their budget, Rich recommended HP Renew hardware. It brought down the cost substantially without compromising quality. “HP certified refurbished product is a great option for budget-minded smaller organizations,” states Rich. “I’ve helped my clients save 20 to 30 percent using HP Renew.”

Rich also recommended an upgrade to Microsoft Office 365 which utilizes cloud storage instead of an Exchange server and would open up a tremendous amount of data capacity.

Rich’s client accepted the proposal for the data center refresh and server virtualization, which included HP ProLiant DL360 Gen8 Servers, HP 2920-24G Switches and the HP P2000 G3 Modular Smart Array.

Server virtualization was accomplished with VMware vSphere 5.0, enabling them to consolidate and retire twenty servers, leaving them with only ten and reducing their electric consumption considerably.

Additionally, installing new power management and automation tools, such as an Eaton G3 metered power distribution unit (PDU), enabled their staff to increase power during peak usage and decrease power when usage is low.  And should they experience a power outage, they have peace of mind knowing the Eaton 9PX5K UPS will provide energy-efficient power protection.

The client saw immediate benefits from the data center refresh and server virtualization. He is extremely pleased and appreciates Rich’s help and expertise in completing the massive project from the first analysis to the final purchase.

Are you in need of a data center refresh and server virtualization? Put Rich’s expertise and relationships to work for you. Contact him directly at 480-366-2128 or

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