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Defective Units Lead to a Better, More Reliable Laptop Solution

Combining High-Quality Notebooks with Stellar Customer Service

With plans to order 250 PC laptops over the course of a year, a Midwestern law firm began with just 20. But when those notebooks proved to be defective, the manufacturer refused to take them back, and trying to get the devices repaired under the warranty agreement became a hassle.

Lenovo ThinkPad

Reliable Laptop: the Lenovo ThinkPad

“This was a situation where a manufacturer came up short in terms of customer service,” explains MicroAge’s Steve Bocknick. “They refused to do what they should’ve done, and they lost a piece of business. They could’ve made a couple hundred thousand dollars this year from this one firm.”

Steve works an as advocate for his clients and jumped into action.

“I recommended the Lenovo ThinkPad T400 Series,” he says. “The firm loved them.”

With a reliable solid-state drive, low failure rate and energy efficiency, the ThinkPad laptop was a perfect fit for Steve’s client.

“It also has a lot of security features that law firms appreciate,” he says.

“It’s always satisfying to hear how our ThinkPad laptop technology is providing solutions to real business needs,” said Chris Frey, Vice President and North America Channel Chief, Lenovo. “Our long-term partnership with MicroAge helps ensure customers receive enhanced value for our industry-leading products.”

At the time the firm purchased 50 Lenovo notebook computers, it also brought in 200 HP DeskPro 6000 desktop machines.

By finding high-quality products and providing his client with customer service—customer service that was lacking from the original manufacturer—Steve demonstrated the value of having a MicroAge solutions expert on your team.

“Our field often comes down to customer service,” Steve says. “I pay attention, and I listen to people—that’s what my clients deserve.”

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