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Delivering Hard Drive Enclosures…Along with an Idea to Brand Them

A miracle worker. That’s what Chris Robinette is. He’s also a MicroAge solutions expert, and he and his business partner, David Knowles, take great pride in being able to deliver results that few others can.

When the Director of Technology of a digital media company was looking for someone who could work miracles, one of his colleagues suggested he call Chris.

It was a Monday, and the client was looking for 200 specialized enclosures for hard drives to be delivered by the weekend. It was an urgent business need, but everyone he called said that his best option for delivery was three weeks out.

“Because of the flexibility of the MicroAge sourcing model, I was able to find a way to source the enclosures for him,” Chris says. “He was desperate and ready to move heaven and earth to make this happen.  I found a way to get them to him not only by the weekend, but also a day early.  It was a great success for us and the client.”

Bright Idea

Sparking ideas: Besides delivering the desperately needed hard drive enclosures, Chris and David came up with a creative solution to brand them…improving the client’s chances of getting them back.

These enclosures and the hard drives they accompanied, which were part of a test run, were a sign of things to come.  As Chris and David learned more about the company and the industry, they were able to offer more ideas.

“They needed a way to make sure the enclosures would come back to them — an easy way for their clients to know who to send them back to,” David explains. “We helped them procure powder-coated enclosures with their logo, which aided with branding as well as the practical concern of getting their enclosures back.”

For the client, working with MicroAge allowed them to be competitive. “They have the same kind of philosophy we do,” David adds. “When someone asks if you can do something, you make it happen. Because of their philosophy — and our ability to help them live up to it — they grew their business rapidly and gained significant market share.”

In fact, when Chris and David met the client for the first time, the team couldn’t contain their excitement. They stood and applauded when Chris walked in.

“They were so ecstatic about meeting the person who had helped them meet any and every deadline they had,” David says. “One of the best parts of our job is hearing that the contributions we make really have an impact. And the things that Chris did truly had a positive impact on their business.”

This positive impact is not lost on Chris and David.

“We helped take them from testing and development to a full-fledged new approach to their industry, which is quickly becoming the standard,” Chris says. “We had a part in that, and that’s exciting.”

Whether you’re changing an industry or upgrading your data center, MicroAge can help. Contact Chris Robinette at 480-366-2087 or or David Knowles at 480-366-2110 or

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