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Dell Networking Solution Lets Fast-Growing Pediatric Practice Keep Up

With four busy locations and 20+ physicians, this pediatric practice sees its share of skinned knees and other boo-boos. Focused on providing excellent, kid-friendly medical services, the practice has grown as fast as its patients, but its network just wasn’t keeping up. Between the sheer numbers of patient records, the electronic medical record mandate, and other administrative and accounting functions, storage was almost tapped and file loading incredibly slow. The practice’s IT specialist needed an upgrade and needed it fast.

That’s where MicroAge’s Amber Burkardt came in. After reviewing the client’s needs and consulting with MicroAge solutions architect Darren Wishman, she reached out to longtime MicroAge partner Dell to build a strong network foundation. The proposed new configuration included a Dell EqualLogic SAN (storage area network), three Dell PowerEdge servers, switches, NAS (network attached storage), and VMware virtualization.

Once approved, the speed of implementation and the capability of the new network impressed the client. As Amber says, “The client was amazed at how easy and efficient our process was…he was expecting it to be a lot more labor intensive and much slower. From start to finish, it only took three weeks.”

Impressed by the solution’s cost-effective performance, the client also is confident not only about managing current needs, but also about future capacity. In addition, the skilled and seamless implementation across all four branches only reinforced the client’s favorable view. David Hamm, Dell Account Manager-Global Commercial Channels, says, “I want to thank the MicroAge team and specifically, Amber. It has been a pleasure to participate in a true partnership—Amber and her team showed the utmost professionalism and provided the end user with an unmatched level of support. I look forward to the Dell/MicroAge partnership reaching new heights and success in synergy!”

It’s just how we go about “making it better” for every MicroAge client.

Network bogged down? Give Amber a quick call! You can reach her directly at 480-366-2075 or


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