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Dell Wyse Thin Clients and Microsoft VDI Increase Security, Save Time

Save time and resources while increasing security and reducing complexity? Yes, it’s possible. And the IT manager of a large construction equipment company was up for the challenge: His plan was to move his infrastructure to a hosted data center and update the company’s desktops.

IT managers are stretched notoriously thin, navigating everything from staffing to data center planning to technical details. This company’s IT manager was no different, so when MicroAge’s Jason Lassourreille suggested that he could increase security and save time and money by virtualizing the desktops with Dell Wyse Wyse Thin Clients and Microsoft Virtualization Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), he was intrigued.

“One of my objectives was to make him like his job again,” Jason says. “Getting him to be able to spend his time doing what he wanted to do and not be pulled in so many different directions … was a huge part of this solution.”

The client, which has upwards of 200 employees in offices throughout the Southwest, plus thousands who work in the field, had already selected its host data center.

“They brought in MicroAge for the software and deployment services we offer as well as our knowledge,” Jason notes. “We provided a great value. The IT manager didn’t have to lift a finger except to verify that it all worked.”

MicroAge helped the client install and set up its Microsoft remote desktop servers (running Windows Server 2012) and Dell Wyse Thin Client Desktops 3010-T10, which worked with the company’s current desktop monitors. A thin client, Jason explains, is a dummy terminal. No data is stored locally. Instead, the thin client accesses files that are stored off-site.

Because there’s no local data, a Dell Wyse Thin Client increases security and reduces the risk of employees wandering off with company data on USB drives or personal devices. While hardware costs are about the same, thin clients also traditionally cost less to power and support than desktop PCs. And it’s easy to make sure all users can access the latest software.

“There were clear savings in time, IT management and security,” Jason explains.

Previously, the IT manager was responsible for traveling to the company’s various offices to install updates or resolve problems. Individual machines no longer need patching — “it’s impossible to even get a virus on the thin client,” Jason notes. And he can easily update applications remotely.

Part of the full solution also included custom staff training on Office 2013, which has made staff more self-sufficient (and less dependent on the IT manager).

“This complete solution has reduced the IT manager’s travel and day-to-day hassles,” Jason says.

The solution continues to fulfill the client’s needs.

“We did a demo upfront to make sure the Dell Wyse Thin Client solution would work,” Jason says. “And they were absolutely in love with it. Nearly a year after deployment, they’re still thrilled, and the IT manager is much happier in his job.”

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