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Dental Business Gets Efficient, Reliable Data Backup and Deduplicaton

‘Byte’ Protection

With more than 5,000 customers, this century-old company provides a range of dental products, supplies and services to dental practices across the western United States. In the past century, it has expanded from a single entity to a significant regional presence. The client relies on technology to conduct business and given its far flung customer base, needs a dependable, live backup system for all transactions and disaster recovery.

Cofio AIMstor Unified Backup

Cofio AIMstor offers efficient, reliable data backup and deduplication

Until recently, the client managed its data backup requirements via the existing WAN, but when completion issues arose in daily backups with a specific remote location and large volumes of critical data could have been lost, the Help Desk Manager contacted MicroAge to explore potential solutions. “The client considered several ways to solve the problem,” says MicroAge’s Martha Banister. She continues, “They considered increasing bandwidth, WAN acceleration, storage de-duplication, off-site data back up and software alternatives. Ultimately, the client selected the Cofio AIMstor Unified Backup solution that we recommended—it is very effective in terms of real time performance and cost.”

Martha’s MicroAge colleague Daniel Archer concurs, “The solution had to integrate with the client’s own proprietary software, offer scalability, and have at least five years’ longevity; the client conducted a comprehensive cost analysis to ensure it would not wind up with maintenance expense later on.”

The Cofio solution met these criteria and with its Smart-Remote-Sync feature, easily handles live backups from remote locations without interruption. Cofio’s Wayne Poynter comments, “The need for efficient data transfer between sites is a common challenge in geographically dispersed organizations. Data protection solutions need to be granular and efficient, down to each byte and block of data protected. Using existing WAN bandwidth for off-site protection of large data sets is a key goal for many IT groups. AIMstor’s Smart Remote Sync (SRS) takes the load off production servers and employs intelligent storage repositories enterprise wide. These repositories are aware of each other, including the data, policies and recovery point objectives. With this awareness, they can communicate to meet recovery point objectives without disturbing source servers.”

With four hours of complimentary help and support from Cofio during the initial implementation and subsequent knowledge transfer, client feedback has been very positive. “The client is taking a new spin on real time backup,” says Daniel. “With the Cofio solution, you’re not taking a series of snapshots, you are backing up as changes occur; in this way, bandwidth isn’t taken up and disaster recovery is better assured.”   The client has expressed that with the AIMstor v2.5 solution, moving data between sites with existing bandwidth has resulted in savings of both computing time and disk resources—putting a smile on everyone’s face!

Let Martha and Daniel help you with your technology needs and questions, too! Martha can be reached at 480-366-2127 or, and Daniel at 480-366-2125 or

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