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Designing a Data Center for a Start-Up

Entrepreneurial vision is the key ingredient in driving innovation across all industries. The medical field is no exception; for this start-up marketing company, the very first step was to design a basic, yet robust, data center to support current and future operations.

The client contacted MicroAge to plan and implement a solution to address all requirements—from data storage to networking functionality, backup capability to disaster recovery. MicroAge’s Jimmie Buchanan began with a SAN; a Dell EqualLogic PS4000X SAN to be precise. “We explored various options and selected Dell as it provided the most complete, networked solution as well as attractive pricing,” Jimmie recalls.

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“MicroAge is an expert in Dell solutions, which makes for a great partnership…MicroAge knows the technology and where it fits best.” -Chris Floyd, Dell Channel Account Manager

Along with the Dell SAN, the solution included Dell servers and tape drives for backup and disaster recovery. “Dell and MicroAge have delivered complex IT deployments to many customers over the years. MicroAge is an expert in Dell solutions, which makes for a great partnership…MicroAge knows the technology and where it fits best,” observes Chris Floyd, Dell Channel Account Manager.

Further rounding out the solution were Cisco ASA 5510 routers and a Catalyst switch; Apple hardware upgrades to Macbook Pro notebooks, and an array of HP printers. Jimmie also recommended VMware virtualization software to streamline and support information sharing across a mobile sales force of approximately 50 users.

In short, MicroAge helped this client create a network-based infrastructure on which to grow and expand. “As a new entity, the client needed a solid foundation for all its technology needs. Providing marketing services in the medical field, it had to be at full strength at launch; MicroAge provided that,” Jimmie says.

Right from the beginning, clients know where they want to be; MicroAge pulls it all together with leading solutions that grow their business—whether they are established international household names or start-ups with innovative ideas.

Whether your company is a start-up or a decades-old enterprise, Jimmie can help you achieve a more efficient data center that doesn’t break the bank. Contact him directly at or 480-366-2088.

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