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Developing a Customized Software Application on the Fast Track

Creating a customized software application is no easy task. Getting it done in 40 days? A tall order. Yet for this global real estate company with thousands of employees worldwide, it’s all about working with the right partner: MicroAge. Chris Pirwitz has provided leading solutions to the company for a number of years, so when the call came for developing a proprietary application in little more than a month, he knew exactly how to get it done.

Recognizing the company needed the new application before provider licenses came up for renewal he vetted various potential partners. Chris says, “The selected partner’s solution needed to effectively manage data volume and statistical information that added up to several terabytes and be able to deliver within narrow time constraints.”

After careful review, Chris recommended a partner to develop the customized software application. As a nationwide information repository the solution was central to company operations.

“It’s an important piece of software that shares vital data with various departments and locations. As such, it had to be fully customizable and tested, implemented and ready to go in four weeks,” says Chris.

Collaborating first with the client’s IT director and then the director of innovation, Chris served as the single point of contact as the solution developed. In his role as project manager, Chris hosted discovery calls, developed timelines, created the scope of work and ensured the project timeline was uninterrupted.

The end result: a customized software application solution that was ready on time and which accomplished the client’s key objectives. MicroAge brought in the right partner to identify, build and deploy a solution to meet the client’s needs…The resulting solution, built using open-source technology, operates reliably, performs well and saves the client the majority of its previous monthly spend.

The solution cut over to the company’s 200-plus users without complication, allowing the organization to avoid pending renewal fees. Blending skillful project management and professional integrity, MicroAge delivered a customized software application that met objectives—reinforcing a solid, collaborative foundation.

If you’re ready for a new customized software application but dreading the process, let Chris roll up his sleeves and go to work for you. Contact him directly at 480-366-2097 or

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