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Ditch the Dial-up: Opengear Has a Better Out-of-Band Management Solution

Contrary to popular belief, dial-up modems are not found only in museums or 80s movies—some companies still use them for out-of-band management when having problems with their networks. Of course, there are far better options for system control and data acquisition (SCADA), and MicroAge recently helped a large accounting firm make the switch.

Because the firm has a small IT staff, not all of its 35 branches have IT employees on site to access equipment when normal connectivity is disrupted. Network administrators were using legacy 56K modems to remotely call into the servers, but with 4G cellular networks available, they knew there had to be a better way.

Knowing that Opengear out-of-band management solutions give clients remote access to their network infrastructures in the event a router, switch, firewall or server becomes non-responsive, MicroAge’s Rick Budd recommended upgrading to Opengear’s ACM5004-GV-E adapter card as a better way for the firm to quickly fix a problem.

After testing the Opengear solution for six weeks, the firm agreed—and ordered 37 more units. “Not only does it enable remote control, but it also provides temperature and humidity data from inside equipment rooms that the firm didn’t have before,” Rick says. “When network administrators receive an alert that a device is getting warm, they can shut it down from any mobile device.”

Better yet, out-of-band management allows problem solving to be done with no downtime to the enterprise network. “Failover allows companies to bring the WAN connection back up, but it does not allow them to actually troubleshoot the problematic device,” says Todd Rychecky, Opengear’s vice president of sales for North and South America. “With failover only, you are still required to do a ‘truck roll,’ which loses time and money.”

IT departments looking to update their older technology may have a tough time finding what they need on large distributor websites that display only featured products and specials. focuses on its experience with and ability to access a wide variety of solutions. “MicroAge can source and support items that can’t readily be found, as well as solid brands not marketed by our competitors,” says Rick.

Ease of doing business is only one reason why MicroAge is a Premier Opengear reseller. “It is critical to work with partners you can count on. Rick’s knowledge of our technology and understanding of the firm’s requirements was very helpful in recommending the right solution,” says Todd. “He did a great job specifying a solution and managing the relationship between Opengear and the firm.”

MicroAge can help with all of your company’s out-of-band management needs. Contact Rick Budd at 480-366-2053 or  

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