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Durable, HIPAA-Compliant Laptop: Lenovo X230t Convertible to the Rescue

The health care industry demands a lot from its IT equipment: such as a HIPAA-compliant laptop that can endure a bumpy ambulance ride, equipped with long-lasting batteries and security measures.

With the right expert, anything is possible.

Last summer, the IT director of a privately held ambulance company was trying to find a laptop/tablet solution that would meet new HIPAA rules going into effect that September. He also wanted to meet the needs of his company’s medics — and not overspend.

He needed 40 rugged tablets and was staring down a $120,000-plus price tag. Talk about sticker shock.

That’s when he picked up the phone.

“He wanted a convertible HIPAA-compliant laptop solution — a notebook that could be turned into a tablet,” explains MicroAge’s Jo Lerner. “His medics in the field needed to be able to input patient data, capture digital signatures and send reports. And the client needed some assurance that the machines would be able to endure the fast-paced and sometimes rough handling that comes with the emergency medical services field.”

Jo, who worked as a nurse for 15 years before moving to IT, understood her client’s needs and budget. She recommended the HIPAA-compliant Lenovo ThinkPad X230t Tablet.

“Jo introduced the Lenovo X230t into this client’s environment because she knew the client needed a rock-solid product that could last all day long and provide the performance they needed,” says Ty Hibbert, Lenovo channel executive.

The ultra-portable ThinkPad, equipped with an all-day-long battery, is tested to be durable against eight specific parameters:

    1. High pressure
    2. Humidity
    3. Vibration
    4. High temperature
    5. Temperature shock
    6. Low pressure (15,000 ft)
    7. Low temperature
    8. Dust


“These are very durable convertible HIPAA-compliant laptop/tablets,” Jo adds. “They came with fingerprint capture and a stylus secured to the notebook with a lanyard.

Lenovo Thinkpad X230t laptop

The Lenovo X230t is a HIPAA-compliant laptop that converts to a tablet

For the few that have been damaged on the job, she notes, Lenovo replaced them the next day.

And even more impressive? The Lenovo computers came in at just a third of the price of the IT director’s original estimate.

From a network standpoint, the computers also had to integrate with the company’s electronic patient care reporting (ePCR) system and comply with HIPAA requirements, which are designed to protect private patient data.

The client chose to move to Microsoft Office 365, which promises 99.9 percent uptime, geo-redundancy and built-in disaster recovery for maximum reliability and security. Microsoft also provides a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement, which is essential for health care organizations.

Next, the client implemented Symantec Email for inbound and outbound messaging security. Symantec boasts anti-malware, anti-spam, content filtering and email encryption services, protecting organizations from dangerous attacks.

Because of this client’s success, other ambulance companies in the area are now exploring similar solutions.

“The Lenovo ThinkPad is a great product for the EMS environment and for an organization’s bottom line, too,” Jo says. “And the cloud-based products available today are designed to stand up to HIPAA’s standards. It’s a great combination.”

Looking to get the best bang for your buck? Talk to MicroAge solutions expert Jo Lerner today. Reach her at or 480.366.2123.

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