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Effective Disaster Recovery on a Budget

The thought of losing all of your data is the stuff of nightmares. Your company’s financial data. All of the projects your company has completed for important clients. Everything.

If it were all to disappear, then what?

“You have to ask yourself, how long will you survive if you have a major data loss?” says MicroAge’s JP Patchett. “It’s not just an inconvenience. Businesses can go out of business. That’s why having a disaster recovery plan is so important.”

And the incoming IT director of a California-based entertainment company knew it. Going for so long without a DR solution was a catastrophe waiting to happen, but he also had a limited budget. So he called JP to help him find the perfect solution.

After exploring the options with JP, the client chose 36TB Iomega Network Attached Storage (NAS) Rackmount PX12-350R boxes.

“While it’s a NAS, it has SAN functionality,” JP explains. “Plus, it has built-in replication software.”

One box is being used onsite for backup, while a second, which stores the replicated data, is stored in an off-site data center.

The way forward

The Iomega NAS solution ensures this client is well-positioned for future virtualization

“With this technology, you’re able to push and pull data between locations,” says Mike Kelly, a national account manager with Iomega. “Plus, the software on this product is EMC technology; it’s their operating system.”

The client plans to virtualize in the future, and having this software will make it an easy transition.

“With EMC owning both Iomega and 80 percent of VMware, there are clearly some synergies,” Mike adds.

Plus, the 12-bay Iomega NAS comes with a three-year warranty, and is flexible and scalable as the client’s needs change.

“We were able to give the client a solution that will fill his disaster recovery needs and set him up for the future — all within his budget,” JP says. “But the best part is knowing the peace of mind that comes with a solid DR solution.”

Whether disaster recovery or another IT concern is on your mind, MicroAge can help. Contact JP directly at 480-366-2134 or

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