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Email Archiving Achieves Compliance with Easy Searchability and Retrieval

For governmental agencies, record keeping is essential to operations.  Email archiving is no exception and in most cases, needs to be retained for at least seven years. Public entities must have records available for access and review as required; since technology has grown and superseded traditional record keeping, email records have taken on even more importance.

Email Archiving

An efficient email archiving system includes quick retrieval

MicroAge’s Daniel Archer and Martha Banister recently assisted a state governmental client with an email solution that met its complex needs with efficiency and accuracy. Since governmental agencies are subject to public scrutiny, the CIO of this client approached MicroAge for an email solution that would help it retrieve accidentally deleted messages; provide various search criteria for legal searches; drill down to granular levels; and provide flagging capability by author or subject.

As Daniel recalls, “Governmental entities are regulated very differently, the client needed an all-inclusive solution to address various litigation parameters by unique types; our client was finding that he was spending inordinate amounts of time conducting research on behalf of internal departments, let alone outside inquiries. He needed a solution that other individuals could directly use without being able to alter or delete anything.”

MicroAge proposed the installation of an ArcMail Technology solution to meet the client’s objectives. The software offers a feature set that provides excellent search functionality and a robust foundation that supports the volume and complexity of the search types conducted. From searching by multiple fields, full text or by attachment, to viewing/restoring mail or conducting “wild card” searches on partial names or text, the ArcMail solution provides a host of searching options.

“Government entities have IT requirements just like any other organization, but the need to properly maintain and protect their email data, and make it easily searchable, can be much more vital,” says Rory Welch, CEO of ArcMail. “Beyond compliance, these organizations are making use of email archiving to not only provide instant access to stored email data, but to also alleviate the storage and performance burden on their primary mail servers. We are pleased to work in conjunction with MicroAge to provide an effective solution for this valued customer.”

User friendly and cost effective, the ArcMail solution, scalable to four terabytes, helps the client ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and provides high-volume archiving capacity. Martha comments, “For this client, it’s a very attractive solution because since records are deleted as they age past seven years, capability remains intact…plus, it is so easy to use and install agency-wide that efficiencies are only increased.” The solution truly is an innovative option for any organization subject to regulatory compliance.

Contact Daniel and Martha directly to see what they can do for you. Daniel can be reached at 480-366-2125 or, and Martha at 480-366-2127 or

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