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Email Archiving Solution Empowers Users, Freeing Up IT Staff

For this distributor, shipping steel products nationwide is a complex process. Managing its email archiving shouldn’t be. Required by various agencies to retain email transactions to ensure regulatory compliance, the client needed a solution that was as user friendly as it was effective in archiving and retrieving data. With more than 200 users at eight scattered sites, it had to smoothly integrate with existing systems and deploy without complication. Otherwise, the IT director and his department would continue to be inundated by users’ archival requests, consuming hours of staff time.

Metalogix Archive Manager improves search and recovery at the email and mailbox level

Metalogix Archive Manager Exchange Edition minimizes the information management headaches caused by regulatory rules, storage optimization, and disaster recovery.

He reached out to Chris Reinhard to find a solution. “The main goal was to find an email archiving solution that integrated with Outlook, talked to Exchange, and was simple to deploy,” says Chris. However, this was easier said than done; in researching various archive products, Chris discovered many of them were cumbersome, complicated product conglomerations. After reviewing numerous possibilities, Chris discovered Metalogix, which offered a new award-winning email archive solution that met the client’s needs.

The Metalogix Archive Manager had everything the client was looking for: a simple interface that dug deep to empower users to manage their own archival research. Robust and streamlined, it was initially deployed in a Proof of Concept demonstration. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive—from the IT director to companywide users, performance was flawless in data consolidation, storage optimization, and discovery features. From an internal IT perspective, it allowed for flagging and monitoring, rule setting, and fully enabled all 200-plus users to store, search, and retrieve data without tying up IT department resources. “Metalogix Archive Manager ensures that optimization and compliance are achieved without compromising individual end user mailbox management, letting the IT department focus on other matters,” states Matt Brundl-Pandzich, Director, Metalogix Archive Solutions Business Unit.

Installed at the client’s data center with the Exchange server, Archive Manager was remotely rolled out and seamlessly met every objective. Chris sums it up best, “It took some time to find the right product…but if that’s what it takes to support our clients that’s what we’ll do.” It’s simply the MicroAge way.

Searching for a solution to your IT problem? Chris can help! Contact him directly at or 480-366-2091.

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