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EMC SAN Overcomes Server Sprawl for Medical Imaging Provider

For a leading medical imaging provider, storage is a central priority. With more than 60 locations across five states and legal requirements to retain images for to seven to ten years, the company was fully enmeshed in “server sprawl” with images stored on many different platforms, direct-attached storage on servers and two different storage area networks (SANs). It was running out of room.

The solution was to either add on yet more disparate storage units or migrate to one larger SAN capable of handling the volume and complexity. MicroAge’s Daniel Archer advised the latter option for the client, whose goal is to become the largest medical image provider in the nation. He recommended the EMC VNX 5500 SAN for its considerable storage capability. “The client’s storage requirement equaled half a petabyte—or 500 terabytes—and the VNX 5500 is capable of handling that,” says Daniel.

In addition, the solution was implemented on a tight timeframe, including rack, stack, setup and data migration services. Transferring data to the VNX 5500’s block-based storage makes future transfer easy. Plus, the VNX 5500 clearly can handle the continually increasing volume of images—doubling capacity as needed in the future.

EMC’s Matt Reynolds says, “Daniel’s relationship with the client and EMC’s overall portfolio strength was a winning combination in delivering scalability and performance. The speed with which we delivered the solution and the ability to quickly move into production was critical—the client planned acquisitions that could have been delayed without the VNX 5500 being in place.”

The company’s PACS (picture archiving and communication system) manager couldn’t be happier as the fully scalable VNX 5500 provides increased iOps—the speed of image access—that enables radiologists to read more images faster.  As the PACS manager attests, as images are now stored in one place, the need for patches and replicating on multiple platforms is eliminated.

The positive implications are clear; productivity is increased as more images are read each day and patient care and response times are improved. From standardizing servers and image reading stations to expanding storage, MicroAge has helped the client optimize its technology foundation—providing a clear picture of better patient care.

If you need help overcoming your own server sprawl, Daniel – and his colleague, Martha Banister – are ready to help! Daniel can be reached at 480-366-2125 or; Martha is at 480-366-2127 or

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