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Emergency Response: Medical-Grade LCD Monitors Needed Stat

With 14 affiliate hospitals located in the southern United States, this health care enterprise enjoys a stellar reputation in patient care. Quality and compassion are its hallmarks and it always seeks new avenues to deliver both. One such avenue was in medical-grade LCD monitors and it’s where MicroAge’s Kevin Kotecki resolved an urgent need.

Medical-grade monitors are constructed for rugged use; internal components are designed to withstand chemical reactions, i.e., function in an oxygen-rich environment; and can be kept sterile with antiseptic agents. When the client needed 100-plus medical-grade monitors immediately, they contacted Kevin. The reason for the rush? A miscommunication with its previous technology provider inadvertently sent standard monitors to install in medical settings.

As Kevin says, “Medical-grade monitors aren’t like off-the-shelf units; they take longer to manufacture and deliver because of specialized assembly and testing. The challenge was to find enough of these monitors and get them to the client fast. Because MicroAge has so many diverse resources, I can do my research and find the right solution.” And he did. After a lot of investigation, Kevin found the right monitors from AlphaView, a line of medical imaging displays designed to meet the rigorous monitoring needs of the health care industry. Kevin was able to offer the client a choice of monitors—offering a proof-of-concept opportunity for the staff to evaluate which model they preferred.

After choosing the AlphaView Solar 17 LCD Monitor Display, the monitors shipped within three days, representing another improvement—previous delivery times were upward of three weeks. As Kevin stated, because MicroAge’s reach is so extensive and diverse, he has the bandwidth to solve issues both creatively and effectively. For this client, whose mission is as critical as it gets, Kevin has proved to be a “life saver.”

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