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EMR Provider Chooses MicroAge to Create Right-Sized Hardware Solutions

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The future is now in the field of electronic medical records (EMR); all medical providers are scheduled to meet a federal mandate for fully automated records by 2015. As providers prepare to meet this challenge, EMR providers continue to proliferate. One such EMR provider contacted Adam Rankin, MicroAge Solutions Expert, to help support its efforts to update members of its network—largely chiropractic offices—about the impending deadline and provide the equipment necessary to be in compliance.

Looking to MicroAge to assist with its hardware requirements, the company president requested three different packages to offer its physician network.  These packages, promoted via the company’s website, would provide any small-to medium sized medical practice with the hardware options required.  Each package was predicated on the size and scope of individual offices, which ranged from one- and two-person offices to those with more than 25 staff members. Collaborating closely, Adam and the company president determined the best fit of technology options for each level of practice.

Adam then worked with manufacturer Dell Computers to develop a series of three packages, specifying Dell equipment scaled to meet these individual needs. For smaller offices, the package included a peer-to-peer network and software that ran off a single Dell desktop with either a secondary Dell desktop or laptop tying in; for medium-sized operations, a fully redundant Dell T-310 server supported up to 15 users and was further enhanced by Dell Optiplex and Latitude lines; while larger practices of 25-plus personnel were supported by Dell Power Edge T-410 servers with Intel Xeon Quad Core processors and related customized services.

The packages were very well received by the target audience; as Adam recalls, “I have worked with more than 150 practices since we started the project; the doctors love it! It was easy for them to see the value and savings of working with MicroAge.” Transactions were seamless to the end users, whose offices were located across the contiguous United States and in Hawaii and Alaska. From an installation perspective, if a particular practice did not have a designated resource for assembling equipment, Adam would identify and direct local technicians to mange the installation.

The federal mandate that all medical offices have electronic medical records in place by 2015 is a fixed requirement; by reducing complexity and offering user-friendly solutions and options to achieve this requirement, MicroAge makes the transition a lot less painful and easier for medical organizations.

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