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Carbonite EVault Data Backup and Recovery Keeps Huge—and Growing—Database Safe

When you have a database of 235 million consumer records and more than 2,200 participating organizations, you have to have ironclad reliability in storage and data backup and recovery. Specializing in providing data for clients to market to their customers, this company is experiencing data growth of 30 percent per year. It is mission-critical to secure, store and share data in a fully backed up environment.

I found out that its existing data backup and recovery solution was cumbersome and expensive, often bogging down during backups. And with multiple servers—Exchange, Windows, SQL, VMware, etc.—the company has data volume of up to eight terabytes per month.

To determine the right solution, I consulted David Determan, MicroAge solutions architect. He recommended an on-site appliance with a cloud-based backup server. By migrating to a cloud-based solution, the client could achieve significantly lower RPO (recovery point objective) and RTO (recovery time objective) times and gain cost efficiencies via capacity-based licensing.

After researching providers, we chose Carbonite EVault for its secure cloud backup services and disaster recovery. Beyond its solid security and storage features, the Carbonite solution also includes off-site replication capacity built into the on-site appliance—at no additional cost.

By really thinking about what was best for this client, we provided the right solution; there’s no ‘one size fits all’ at MicroAge because every solution meets unique requirements.

How secure and reliable is your data backup and recovery practice? Don’t wait until disaster strikes to find out its not up to par. Call or email me today—480-366-2177 or


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