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Expanding Server Capacity in a Jam-Packed Data Center

Meeting the data management needs of a world-class university’s astronomy department and observatory is no small feat, especially when the department is a leader in scientific research and discovery. So it’s not surprising that a lot of data is transmitted across its network infrastructure. But what might be is the small size of the data center housing such dense files. With space limitations juxtaposed against ever-expanding data, the department’s IT manager needed to upgrade server capacity without increasing its physical footprint.

That’s where Chris Pirwitz and Michael Zitar came in. “We needed to find a platform solution in 2-U, or a 4-inch machine, that could hold 16 hard drive bays,” recalls Chris. “With MicroAge’s industry reach, we sourced exactly what we needed: a 16-bay housing unit with two-terabyte Hitachi hard drives and top-of-the-line Intel processors and mother board—ultimately providing 32 terabytes of data space.”  They also negotiated a three-year warranty, which extended service and support.

The client also needed three mobile workstations to move and plug into server racks. Chris and Michael specified Global Industrial mobile workstations, whose tall ‘post’ design takes up minimal space. With KVM (keyboard, video and mouse) switches that provide a computer-like view of the server, users can plug in, run the operating system or patches, see data, and move to other racks, all with UPS back up. Custom Kendall Howard racks now house the two micro servers, complete with custom fan kicks, chassis options, and an APC UPS. In short, the client has powerful capacity in a streamlined profile…proving the point that good things really do come in small packages.

Looking for an innovative way to add infrastructure to your already jam-packed data center? Take the pressure off by contacting Chris at 480-366-2097 or; or Michael at 480-366-2120 or

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