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Expediting a Build-to-Order UPS Keeps Data Center Move on Schedule

Serving local businesses and families with an array of banking services, this regional banking client has enjoyed rapid growth and success. As a result, it planned to move its data center to another location and install a new UPS solution to accommodate for future expansion.

APC’s three-phase Symmetra PX SY30K40F UPS

The client turned to MicroAge to expedite the delivery of the APC Symmetra PX UPS and keep their data center move on schedule

The power solution of choice? APC’s three-phase Symmetra PX SY30K40F UPS with modular, scalable redundancy in a single chassis. Weighing approximately 1,500 pounds and standing 7-feet tall, with 30 (expandable to 40) KVA capacity, the Symmetra is an advanced, modular UPS solution capable of handling the high-availability demands of a data center. But there was an unexpected challenge to this project: The relocation effort involved electrical contractors whose site schedule was limited and inflexible. And when it looked like sourcing the Symmetra might take weeks—not days—the entire data center relocation was placed in jeopardy.

Since the client’s Vice President of Technology has a 10-year relationship with MicroAge’s Chris Robinette and David Knowles, she hoped they could keep the relocation project on schedule. “Because of the size of the project, this began as a multiple bid situation. The responses the client received all involved a lead-time of four to six weeks—well beyond their deadline. In talking with the client, however, we thought we might be able to dig a little deeper and work with our contacts at the manufacturer to solve the problem,” says Chris.

David agrees, “The Symmetra is a multi-piece unit and basically a build-to-order UPS; we worked closely with APC to allocate the individual components, have the unit configured, and delivered to the client one day ahead of the deadline.” Even though multiple competitors were asked to bid on this project, only MicroAge was able to deliver the product and keep the customer on track for a smooth relocation.

“There were several issues converging,” recalls David. “When you move a data center, you typically only have a very small window to shut it down and start it back up.” For the client, the dueling issues of constrained contractor schedules and equipment delivery were significant.

It bears repeating that MicroAge alone was able to expedite the Symmetra UPS and ensure the client met its project milestones without delay. “When no one else could meet this time frame, we did,” comments Chris. It’s a powerful statement.

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