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Fast Data Recovery Without Breaking the Bank

A data backup system’s primary job may be to ensure you never lose any data. But timely recovery of that data is also critical. After all, when you need a document, you need it now.

For a financial institution in the Southwest with more than a dozen locations and nearly 300 employees, fast data recovery was a top priority. The company’s network manager called MicroAge’s Dustin Wood.

“With their previous system, if a machine went down and data was lost, they’d have to rebuild the server before they could access the data,” Dustin explains. “They wanted a new product that would mitigate their risk exposure and allow for fast data recovery.”

Dustin suggested Unitrends for several reasons. First, he explains, Unitrends Enterprise Backup (UEB) software can accommodate both virtual and physical servers and allows administrators to manage multiple IT assets from a single pane of glass. Plus, it’s a cost-effective solution, he explains.

“And it allows them to back up the machine image, which they weren’t able to do with their previous backup solution,” Dustin adds. “This means that data recovery can take just minutes instead of the hours or even days that were necessary with their old product.”

They started with one department, and after a smooth demo period, the client agreed that using UEB to back up this 2 TB of data was the way to go. They also decided to use the UEB backup solution for offsite replication, and added Unitrends’ Advanced Exchange Search/Recovery as an email archiving solution.

The benefit of the email archiving solution, Dustin says, is the granular search function, allowing users to be very targeted with their searches.

With the new backup system and email archiving solution, the client can rest comfortably knowing that if there’s a problem, accessing important data will be fast and easy—all without breaking the bank.

In fact, Dustin adds, the network manager is so happy with this solution that he has recommended that it be implemented in other departments within the organization.

When it’s time to build a better backup, call on MicroAge solutions expert Dustin Wood. You can reach him at or 480-366-2172.

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