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Finding Solutions Within a Constrained IT Budget

Managing budgets is an essential function of any IT manager. In today’s economy, it can be an even greater challenge when a company doesn’t have much cash on hand and lenders have pulled back on IT financing options.

So, when a local consulting company lacked the money it needed to invest in its IT operations, MicroAge’s Topher Spinnato sprang into action.

Nimble Storage CS Series

Nimble Storage CS-Series arrays are available in multiple configurations. Each provides primary storage, plus capacity for 60-90 days of backup.

“They’d needed a large SAN for two years, but couldn’t afford it and had previously been denied leases by a few financial providers,” Topher says.

MicroAge was able to instantly approve them for a $100,000 Net-30 account for their everyday purchasing.

The data center manager wanted to expand an old SAN. But, due to the age of the technology, the only option for an upgrade was to buy refurbished hardware.

“I let them know that MicroAge can source anything, including his refurbished equipment,” Topher adds.

Topher was able to find everything needed to expand the storage of the existing SAN. He even secured a one-year advanced replacement warranty for the client.

“The client did have a drive failure, but because of the warranty, he had a new one the very next day, and he was thrilled,” Topher says. “Drives are going to fail. What matters most is how you handle it when they do.”

This upgraded SAN was an affordable solution, but it was also just an eight-month stopgap because storage controllers can only do so much.

“It’s now talking to so many drives, and because of the older technology, it was going slower as the extra drives were added,” Topher says. “It’s like trudging through mud.”

And while the company wanted faster equipment and to move from Fibre Channel to iSCSI, they still didn’t have the cash to pay for it.

Topher next leveraged the great relationships MicroAge has with a variety of strong finance partners to secure an additional $100,000 lease line of credit for their much-needed SAN.

This allowed the company to purchase two custom-built HP ProLiant DL 385 servers, running Microsoft Windows Server Datacenter in a clustered Hyper-V environment as well as the much-anticipated Nimble CS240 iSCSI storage.

“Nimble’s performance efficiency and capacity optimization along with our competitive price point is what put us over the top,” notes Paul Malkon, a representative for Nimble Storage. “It’s this kind of competitive advantage that is helping Nimble become the fastest-growing storage company in history.”

“What’s great about this solution,” Topher adds, “is that it gives them a building block. They wanted to be able to expand later, and this solution will allow them to add more enterprise features as they have the budget.”

What did the client have to say about getting his new SAN? It’s “better than Christmas!”

To learn about technology solutions that can make a difference in your organization and how to afford them, contact Topher directly at 480-366-2033 or

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