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Firm Dials Into the Benefits of a ShoreTel Hosted Phone System

If employees worked at their desks all day long—never going to meetings or leaving the office—you would have certain expectations for your phone system. But when you consider the way your employees actually work and use their office phones, your criteria change. For a 150-user architecture and engineering firm, it was time to retire a 10-year-old phone system—and to consider a new approach to unified communications.

MicroAge’s Joe Preston introduced the client’s director of information systems to Phil Tuckwiller, MicroAge Telecom Practice Manager.

“We brought in multiple providers for them to talk to and evaluate, and then they narrowed their options down to two,” Phil says. In the end, the client chose ShoreTel Sky. The hosted phone solution also included two T1s and router, all of which are managed by ShoreTel.

“The real driving factor,” Phil adds, “was ShoreTel’s cloud solution.”

The mobility solution helps accommodate architects and engineers who often need to take business calls while out of the office in the field. A mobile phone/tablet app allows employees to make phone calls wherever they are—without having their cell phone number appear on the recipient’s end. It also means employees never have to give out a cell phone number—they can give their business/desk number and take a call on their cell phone.

The app also allows employees to identify whether they are available, in a meeting or out of the office, enhancing communications within the office as well.

In addition to convenience and security, the hosted phone system also leads to a reduced wireless spend, Phil explains. “Because people will often use Wi-Fi on their cellular devices—and the app can seamlessly transition from 3G/4G back to Wi-Fi as needed—it reduces wireless minutes.”

Another major factor in the decision was the ability to streamline IT support cost. With a limited IT staff, the client wanted to be able to easily manage his new cloud phone system. The centralized management and ease of use of the administration portal were key.

“ShoreTel’s reputation for post-sales support was a factor as well,” Joe adds. “Users push a help button, and a ShoreTel support team member picks up.”

The client had previously deployed a gigabit local area network to support the large files that traverse it. They only had a single network cable going to each desk but had two devices that needed connection. Luckily with ShoreTel’s gigabit phones they were able to connect the network cable to phone first, then with a second, shorter cable, connect the phone to the PC. This gives both the PC and the phone gigabit network connectivity, Phil explains.

For the IT director and for his organization’s employees, ShoreTel’s hosted phone system was the perfect fit.

“A cloud phone system makes sense in many businesses,” Joe says. “Especially when many of your employees work out of the office, it’s a perfect telecommunications solution. It’s convenient and cost effective, and can help increase your employees’ productivity all at the same time.”

Telecommunications is essential to your business. Let Joe Preston help you find a solution that works for your organization. You can reach him at 480-366-2129 or

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