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Gaming Vendor Certificate Makes MicroAge a Winning Bet for Casino

When you’re opening a new business, you don’t want to take a gamble on your vendors. This is especially true when that business is a casino. Because of the vulnerabilities that go along with a casino’s cash-rich environment, vendors wishing to do business with an Arizona casino must obtain a Gaming Vendor Certificate from the Arizona Department of Gaming. MicroAge has been through the rigorous approval process and holds its certification.

A casino in the Southwest planned to open a resort and hire 800 people, but first, it wanted its casino up and running. And for that, the CIO turned to MicroAge’s Josh Heller and Adam Rankin.

“They leaned on us for all of their personal computing and a lot of their audio-visual components,” Josh says.

For the first phase, Josh and Adam helped the client secure about 180 Dell OptiPlex desktops and all-in-ones, and 20 Dell Latitude laptops.

“Dell laptops and desktops are designed for ease of management and deployment in fast-paced environments,” notes Chris Floyd, an account executive with Dell. “This is even more true in a casino-type environment—and why Dell is a great solution here.”

Josh and Adam also managed the client’s Adobe and Microsoft licensing. For the A/V equipment, they arranged for Panasonic TVs and projectors, APC Back-UPS, speakers, microphones, podiums and cabling.

They are also set to help the casino secure everything it needs for the resort, making life easy for the client.

“For anything they need, they only need to work with one vendor,” Josh says. “Opening a casino is not easy, but if you can streamline your vendors, it can be easier.”

“There’s only one other company on the Gaming Vendor Certificate list who does what we do,” Adam explains. “MicroAge has always had the capability and contacts to manage large jobs like this, and now, with our gaming license, we can work with even more clients.”

When you have a big job, you can bet on Adam and Josh. Reach Adam at 480-366-2023 or

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