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Growing Company Benefits from Investment in Converged Infrastructure

Company growth is a good thing. But its impact on IT is unmistakable. For one medium-sized digital radiology company, running out of storage space in its offsite data center wasn’t a virtual problem—it was a very real one. The company was running out of physical space. Read on to see how a converged infrastructure solution solved their problems.

In order to deal with their storage needs, they were going to have to add space on a separate floor within the data center, which would have required more networking and hassle in addition to the cost of renting more space and purchasing additional equipment.

It also would’ve increased the likelihood for problems.

The IT director called MicroAge’s Mike LaPorta, who got right to work on helping the organization identify a better data center solution.

“There was a lot discussion over the course of many months because they were replacing something they had just recently bought,” Mike notes. “The equipment was fairly new, and they had expected to get another year out of it.”

Mike and MicroAge’s Director of Technical Sales and Professional Services Wyatt Bowman went onsite to the client’s data center to better understand their needs.

Previously, as they were running out of space, they’d buy a new rack. This, the MicroAge team explains, isn’t the most cost effective way to handle growth.

“Buying storage as you go isn’t much of strategy,” Wyatt says. “It was clear that a better strategy was going to be putting a converged infrastructure into place.”

Instead of continuing a monthly spend of tens of thousands of dollars, Wyatt explains, MicroAge recommended they invest in a more strategic approach upfront—with the expectation that they’d ultimately spend less over the long term.

And the client was prepared to make a big investment in the right solution, but they wanted to make sure it was going to be worth the financial outlay—and would support the organization’s needs for years to come.

Working with MicroAge and Dell EMC, the client went from an EMC 4200 to the Dell EMC Isilon (NL400).

This solution took them from a middle-of-the-road storage solution to a true enterprise solution. It provided the client with an impressive 140 TB of storage, also included Cisco networking, new licensing for VMware and vCenter Server Standard.

“They made a significant investment in their storage equipment in their hosted data center,” Mike says. “But they’ll be spending less money in the long run and getting better performance at the same time with this converged infrastructure solution.”

Plus this setup should work for them for at least three to five years based on their current growth projections.

“A VCE (VMware, Cisco and EMC) solution is great for organizations that are in growth mode or seeking a consolidated data center strategy,” Wyatt says. “It creates efficiency, lowers overhead and increases manageability and serviceability. It’s more of a cutting-edge solution as opposed to traditional data center strategy.”

Ready to invest in a converged infrastructure solution? Contact MicroAge solutions expert Mike LaPorta at or 480-366-2177.

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